4 Photo Booth Business Basics You Need to Know

4 Photo Booth Business Basics You Need to Know

Parties nowadays are never considered complete without photo booths. They have become popular and are the new trend in weddings, graduations, birthday parties, anniversaries, and even corporate events. Those with photo booth rental business surely enjoy this fun way of earning! Meantime, this is also a good opportunity for photography enthusiasts to venture in this kind of business since they have a leaning in this art. So what things deserve careful consideration before starting a Photo Booth Business?

We’ll divide the basics into four parts:

  • Hardware and software
    • The booth itself. First of all, you need to decide whether you want and enclosed or an open-air booth. You might also want to have booths that are assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes for convenience and easy storing and transporting. For the quality, don’t be deceived by cheap prices, do some research and try to compare. And remember,don’t settle for anything less than a sturdy and durable booth.
    • A middle range DSLR will work for your booth.
    • Camera AC Adapter. You might want to plug your camera directly than having to worry about your batteries. This is very practical since events last for a longer period.
    • You would need this to drive the monitor and software, and a bit of a memory for photos too.
    • Touch screen monitor.
    • Dye sub or ink jet? Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it would be best to do some research which fits your needs for your booth.
    • Printer Paper and ink. Always have at least two extra fills for an event. It can save you from worrying.
    • This is optional. But props and costumes are part of the fun! Have a box next to the booth filled with stuff from the dollar store and you can’t go wrong.
    • Operating systems and drivers should be tested for performance and compatibility.
    • Internet Connection. Add value by instantly uploading the digital photos on social media.
  • Business model

You may either choose a franchise or a sole proprietorship. In addition, contracts can help protect yourself from future issues that may arise –form of payment, if a guest damages your booth, start and end time of the event, refund for cancelled events, and the like. Others also require insurance.You may seek legal advice regarding these matters.

  • Target customers

How will you advertise your photo booth to get clients book you? Create an online presence. Having your own website will prove to be beneficial and you may also make use of social media. But nothing beats the success that SEObrings in getting a wider reach of customers.

  • Pricing

Get an idea about the average pricing in your area. But don’t price your service lower than it should be for fear of not getting customers.Keep in mind that you have expenses – fuel costs, paper and ink, helpers (if you have any), insurance costs, props, aside from hardware and software costs. Remember, you need money to make money. 

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