5 Benefits of Renting Photography Gear

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If you are planning a trip, one of the important things you shouldn’t forget is your camera. To deliver good quality images you need high-end camera body and lens, and most of us cannot afford to invest huge amount of money in buying the best-in-the-segment camera and lens.

After saving money for some time, you might finally purchase desired photography gear. What if a couple of months later you get to know that an upgraded version of the same gear has been released?

5 Benefits of Renting Photography Gear

Renting the gear can help you overcome the situations mentioned above. Here are the other benefits of renting a camera.

  1. Save money

Buying camera equipment is very expensive. If you’ll only use it for a few times, then paying thousands of dollars is not a smart investment. The truth is by renting you pay only 1% of the actual cost of the gear. You can rent some camera for as low as $10 per day.Also, if you do not do professional shoots, then renting a camera is much is a good choice.

  1. Evaluate before you Buy

Do you want to buy a camera worth thousands of dollars only to realise it is not the camera you’re hoping for?In renting, you have the chance to evaluate the camera if it suits you and your style of photography. Try renting for one day or two to judge if it is the exact lens you are looking for and if suits your photography needs. There might be a situation where you like the two lenses of gears and you are confused which one to buy, renting both gears might clear your doubts and help you choose the right one.

  1. It is easy

There are plenty of websites that can let you rent gears and lenses. Not only these companies ship the gear right to your house or accommodations,they also make it extremely simple to figure out what equipment you’ll need.Also, rental protection plan might be better than your own insurance policy.

Here are the top renting companies:


1 week rental Shipping Total Ships Via

Insurance Available?

Rent Glass $54 $27.90 $81.90 USPS Priority Yes
Lens Rentals $64 $31 $95.00 2-day FedEx Yes – $9
Zip Lens $60 $31 $91.00 2-day FedEx Yes – $10
Photo Lens Rental $59 $37.72 $96.72 USPS Priority Not apparent
Lens Pro To Go $100 $100.00 3-day FedEx Yes – $10
Borrow Lenses $64 $30 $94.00 2-day FedEx Yes – $14

Camera Lens Rentals


$29.99 $88.99 USPS

Yes – $9

  1. Travel Lighter

Travelling light and having gear shipped directly to your hotel is an option many photographers mention as a plus for renting. This also eliminates travel-related anxiety around lost luggage and excess baggage charges. Nikon D810 and the lens weighed about 7 pounds, and that didn’t include the spare battery and imagine carrying this around on your hiking may sounds crazy. By renting, you can determine if you really need a bigger one.

  1. To use as a backup gear

Consider cases where backup gear is wanted (or needed) for an event you don’t encounter frequently. Photography gear rentals give you access to lenses, cameras, and accessories which you would otherwise not use, but for these times may be wanted or required.

Mostly while shooting weddings, you would need two cameras mounted with two different lenses. You might own a single camera along with a lens, but how do you arrange for a second one? Simply, rent the gears.

You might have a shoot planned and your photography gear stops working or faces some issue a day before, now you cannot get it repaired on immediate basis. This is the situation when you can simply rent the gear similar to the one you have and execute the shoot successfully.

Some things to consider when you decide to rent a gear or lens:

  • When taking possession of equipment, completely inspect the item(s) for damage. This prevents any previous damage being blamed on you.
  • Verify and thoroughly understand the return date and return process to avoid any accidental late fees.
  • Investigate insurance options in the event the rented camera gear is damaged, lost or stolen.
  • If returning gear in person, get a receipt or other documentation proving return of items.
  • Many gear rental companies reside in big city areas and offer pick-up locations, negating the need to pay for shipping.

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