5 Modern Party Etiquette Every Guest Should Know

Some think that the practice of good etiquette is only limited to formal parties. But those who do better think twice. Even in the most casual gatherings, every guest must show proper etiquette. Our modern lifestyle might influence how we at times act, and we may not be aware that we are breaking some modern party etiquette. So what would guide you to become one of the polite guests of your host? Here are some helpful tips:


1.) Let your host know whether you plan to attend.

Yes, your host deserves a clear response to his invitation. Whatever your answer, let them know – whether through email, a simple phone call or a short text message. And if you say yes, show up! Sometimes, though, plans change and we might not be able to come. It would then be courteous to let your host know instead of simply not showing up.

2.) Don’t arrive with uninvited guests.

Well, you would understand this better if you try to imagine being the host of the party. It would be polite, then, to let your host know in advance if you need to bring someone with you for whatever reason. Give them the permission to decline; after all, it’s the host’s discretion.

3.) Arrive with the right kind of gifts.

You might want to bring wine, chocolates, or a dish. Think of gifts that don’t require any work on the host’s part. Your host will surely love it.

4.) Be discreet about posting party pictures on social media.

Some just love to post life events the soonest. But avoid posting the party pictures, or even tagging some friends who were present, without checking with the hosts first. Be considerate and ask for permission. It would be polite to consider their preferences, and consider their reasons if they want to keep it private.

5.) Write a Thank You note.

It might be a simple gesture of appreciation, but it would mean a lot to the host if we tell them that we really had fun.
So next time you’re attending a party, you can be the kind of guest that the host would love to invite again for the next get-together!

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