5 Photo Booth Backgrounds to Level up Your Party

Photo Booth Backgrounds

Don’t we just love photo booths? In parties nowadays, photo booths are a “must-have”. Guests might enjoy the food, the program, the association, and the keepsakes. But what would remind them about the mood of the party? Well, that highlights the crucial role that the photo booth background plays. How we set our background is directly related to how we want our party to be remembered.  We recognise how important backgrounds are and we are here to help you with precious ideas that would bring your party to the next level.


  • Balloons

Who doesn’t love balloons? They can add quite the playfulness to your photo booth. Choose colours that match your theme and motif. For a longer event like a wedding, it’s best to rent a helium tank for the day. You can use it to fill up the balloons the first time around and refill any that end up a little droopy throughout the day. Tie the ribbons to a weighted object like a rock and arrange accordingly or you can cover an entire wall with balloons!

  • Chalkboard

This is perfect for weddings with an intimate, rustic feel. Find a large canvas or wall map to be hung at the event and cover it in coats of chalkboard paint to create the surface yourself! Then, have either a talented friend or hired calligrapher design the patterns or words that would definitely look great on the photograph.

  • Polaroid

What if you can turn a Polaroid frame from a cute wallet-size, into an oversized giant fun frame?  Use white foam board and cut in the shape of a Polaroid frame. Hang from the ceiling so that your guests can stand behind and stand inside the frame. Add your names and the date at the bottom to make for the perfect keepsake from your special day.

  • Reclaimed Furniture

Did you know that old furniture is a stunning background? Arranging it can also be a fun. Anywhere from thrift stores to yard sales to your own family’s storage can hold unique props to be used. Aged doors and vintage- style chairs paired with a cool lighting option will have your guests ready for their old world-inspired photo shoot!

  • Lights

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple. For an intimate and romantic space for photos, consider a bit of warm lighting. You can do this by using strings of Christmas lights and hanging them from the ceiling, spaced out evenly. Cover the strands with a thin white sheet or use sheer curtains to dim the lighting. The result is a warm, romantic atmosphere, perfect for weddings in a raw, industrial space.

Try any of these and you’ll never regret you did. Get ready to upgrade your party!

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