5 Things You Need to Know Why Open-Air Photo Booths are the Newest Trend


We just love photo booths! A lot of us have fond memories with our best friends freezing moments in time inside that black box. Nowadays, however, the term photo booth can give another picture in somebody’s mind. True, trends have evolved and this includes changing from enclosed to open-air photo booths. Some still prefer enclosed booths, but open-air booths are worth considering. Let us help you learn why.

 1.) The more the merrier!

We often find ourselves squeezing in up to four in enclosed booths. But don’t you think it’s a great idea to get everyone in? Nobody gets left out, plus it’s a bonus for our claustrophobic friends. Guests who are in wheelchair can also enjoy the photo booth.

2.) Better lighting

Of course we love the professional quality photos of enclosed booths. But does it solely depend on the quality of the camera? Well, there is something else – lighting. And that is actually the true strength of an open-air photo booth. Open air photo booths mimic a professional lighting set up with the ability to adjust intensity based on environment and angle downward, rather than straight on, at the face. The result is a smooth, magazine style look that stands far and above the alternatives.

3.) Viewing Potential

We hear from people who never had the desire to go inside an enclosed booth. But getting the chance to see others as they pose and play with different unique props encourages them to share the experience. So those who were reluctant at first would be very excited to try and have fun.

4.) Customized Background

With an open-air photo booth, you have endless customization of background –from glitters to balloons to fabrics. It’s a good avenue for creativity.

5.) Green Screen

Using an open air photo booth permits the use of the ever-versatile, exceedingly customizable green screen. Taking a photo with a personally chosen group of people, while incorporating a selected green screen background, engages guests in a way that can’t be duplicated by an enclosed photo booth.


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