5 Tips for Buying a Portable Photo Booth

  1. How portable is it?

There are many form factors that today’s portable booths can take. Some are complete booths, some are a tower with a pipe and drape setup and others are open air, while some are equipment cases with electronics.

5 Tips for Buying a Portable Photo Booth

Questions to ask:

  • How portable is it? Can it easily go up and down stairs? Can it fit into my vehicle? This can have financial ramifications if not thought through in the beginning. Make sure you can haul your booth and all of its equipment.Many companies require a van or truck to move it. A great booth can be moved in any 4 door car.
  • How heavy is it? Do I need a dolly or cart to move it? Booths can range from 50-60 lbs. to 700+ lbs. don’t be afraid to ask if it is not written in text.
  1. Easy Setup
  • How difficult is the setup? This will vary from individual to individual but assess your technical and mechanical skills. Are you comfortable with nut drivers, discrete components, wires, cameras, printers? While to some degree you will need to be familiar with each of these the level can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • Some booths make you unplug and re-plug up to 20 cables every time you set up! That’s a recipe for stress as you fiddle in the dark at an event trying to find the one wire you forgot to hook up as the bride impatiently waits to have her photo taken. Most importantly, if you save an hour on set up and take down that means you’re saving 40 hours over a year. It’s like taking a week’s paid vacation. If pay your employees $20 an hour, over the year doing 40 events you are saving $800 just in wages!
  1. What will it cost?

The outgoing costs of a photo booth business are quite easy to calculate, as there aren’t very many of them!

Set up Costs

Cost of the Photo Booth itself or other venue equipment

Marketing – Website, Business Directories, Posters – it’s up to you how much or little you promotion do! We will set your website up for free if you purchase a full business package.

On-going Costs

On-going expenses: Travel expenses, Consumables egg. Paper/ Ink

Your time! Getting enquiries will take time – make sure you dedicate time to marketing your business. Remember it will require your time in hosting events too.

Attendant – You may decide you want to hire an attendant to manage the booth at events rather than use your time. It’s not essential.

  1. How Many People Can it Fit?

The size of a photo booth is very important to consider when finding the right booth for your event. Naturally, the bigger the photo booth the more people that can fit into each shot, however, you need to be mindful of your venue and also that bigger is not always best

  1. Check the quality of equipment

Creating and maintaining a system to automate taking a great picture and having it print out instantly takes some skill. Many photo booth companies purchase their equipment prefabricated and filled with the least expensive equipment to hopeful first time entrepreneurs. That is why it is every important to inspect the electronic components of the booth and make sure the booth captures and prints acceptable photos. Ensure that the booth contains a high-quality, high-definition printer that prints photos quickly.Purchasing the right equipment from the start will save you time and money, so do your homework before spending the big bucks.

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