5 Tips to Picking the Most Profitable Photo Booth for Sale

Photo Booth for Sale
  1. Quality of the photos

Be sure to not only ask your vendor which they type of photo booth rental setup and equipment they offer, but also ask for samples from that photo booth! You never want to find yourself in a position where you expect one type of photo and get something totally different.Compare the pictures before the prices. Being able to compare your quality photos to the competition is the easiest way to make more sales.

  1. Look for an easy booth set up

The advantages that you stand to gain include better time management, ease of setup which wouldn’t hamper other preparations at the venue and you will also be able to move the booth from one spot to another should the venue be very large. Also, it means you’re less stressed, less rushed, not getting sweaty from heavy lifting, less can go wrong, less can break, and it’s easier to train employees to run events.

  1. Compare Features

Before you commits to a purchase, you should compare available features on different units. These features range from social sharing and various print sizes to the ability to use a green screen to add creative features to the photos. Not all photo booths are the same. The equipment, booth construction, and software vary from booth to booth.

  1. Check the Quality of the Equipment

The technical equipment is just important as your photo booth structure. Finding the proper camera, software, and printer for your photo booth model is important.

5 Tips to Picking the Most Profitable Photo Booth for Sale

The touchscreen monitor is the first thing the guest sees, and it should offer a vibrant, clear picture with a large viewing area. The computer used to operate the software should have enough memory and processing speed to make the process fast and efficient. The digital camera does not necessarily have to be top-of-the-line, but it should at least be a mid-level camera.

Upon inspection, if the booth has serious defects, return the booth and decline the purchase transaction. Take into account insurance costs for the photo booth. Consider on-going costs for printing paper and ink, and make sure these costs fall within the owner’s budget.

  1. Set your pricing and business guidelines

Deciding on how much to charge is essential for making your business profitable. Research similar businesses in your general area to get a feel for the local market. Factor in what it will cost in supplies and travel, and don’t forget to include paying off equipment purchases. Once you’ve got a set price, set other parameters such as the distance you are willing to travel, minimum time blocks, and liability wavers.

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