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Chances are you already know all the reasons why you need a photo booth in your next party and events, but often overlooked are the props and accessories that will appear in those photo booth pictures. One person standing in the booth can be just plain awkward. You need to have another element to give some sort of creativity.

There will also inevitably be a few guests that are not quite as comfortable in front of a camera, and will avoid your photographer at all costs. They might even avoid the photo booth if not for a few funny pairs of glasses to hide behind. So your props and accessories make the uncomfortable…comfortable!

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A few tips to use as props:

A photo booth is simply incomplete without frames. Whether they are antique or funny, frames are an ideal prop and accessories to have at the booth. So when looking for props to in your photo booth, make sure that you have at least two or three different types of frames for added fun and excitement.

Ladies would love being draped into sensuous looking feather boas. Having feather boas especially if some match the theme and color of the party and events surely add fun. Another absolute must-have accessory in your party is huge glasses. There are jumbo glasses with different of colors and shape like. Your guest will also love cartoon eyes photo booth props.

Large, evil-looking mustaches are also an essential prop to have at your party. Sky is the limit as to what type of facial hair you want. Just a tip, go for the one with a stick rather than those used with adhesive as they are cleaner and more to use. If there will be plenty of men to attend in your event then top hat is a must. Whether the top hats are classically elegant or madly crazy, they are a top favorite prop among men at photo booths.

Another great option is matching the props to your theme. This can yield some fantastic results! If your little girl is having her birthday then having princess party theme is a great idea since every little girl deserves to be treated like royalty in her special day. Princesses need a little extra luxury though, so use princess costumes, tiaras, and faux jewellery as photo booth props, too.

If you’re looking to build the ultimate birthday for your child, then building your own photo booth with construction as a theme is a great way to enhance the occasion. A faux wooden photo booth backdrop definitely helps to bring the look and feel of a real life construction site to the party, as do these road crew cut outs. Hang up some caution tape and place realistic road signs around the party area to add the finishing touches. You can also provide hard hats and orange vest for added coolness.

There are also literally a tonne of places to find printable, free DIY photo booth props on the Internet. All you have to do is search Google using “free DIY photo booth props” or “free photo booth printable props”. Make a simple signboard instructing guests to pick a prop and strike a pose and place it near the prop table.
With all these props and many other accessories in your party and event, it will be an instant hit with your guests and it will let them have the time of their lives.

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