Awesome Photo Booth Design You Will Surely Love

In today’s innovative world, we see a lot of new ideas and creativity. As photo booths become the latest trend and must-have in parties, no wonder that we see a variety of beautiful and fresh designs that enhance the picture-taking experience. True, photo booths are no exemption to innovation! Take a look at some ingenious photo booth designs.

  • Cowboy/cowgirl


Heehaw! This is a great idea for a kids’ party. Give them a cowboy feel while having their moment in front of the camera. Creative and fun!

Boom! Pow! Bang! Have your little guests in superhero costume, and they will surely love posing as their favourite superhero.

  • Giant Polaroid Photo Frame

Giant Polaroid Photo Frame

Think that polaroid is only for wallet size? This can change the way you see it. Many have combined creativity and resourcefulness that resulted into this amazing photo booth idea.  If you are a fan of DIY crafts, then this is worth a try.

  • Multiple frames cut out in a wall

Multiple frames cut out in a wall

The more the merrier! This idea is gorgeous and super unique. The old photos and gold painted frames adorn the wall. Add some people with creative poses, and it will be picture perfect!

  • Rustic Photo Booth

Rustic Photo Booth

Who loves nature-inspired themes? Yes rustic theme gives a romantic note. This design is beautiful and stunning. Strike a pose, and it would absolutely look amazing.

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