Tips To Setup Your Photo Booth Backdrop

diy photo booth back drop

When taking pictures, we concentrate intently on our subjects – but what about the background? Upon later inspection of your photos, you often find the background detracting from an otherwise great shot. The key is to take control of the background. Thereby, helping turn a snapshot into a beautiful photo.

Same as true in photo booth, creating a backdrop for your photo booth is essential because it adds a ton of personality to your photos. The best thing about backgrounds is that the possibilities are endless and they are easy to DIY.

Back Drop Ideas

There are different themes you can use to be the back drop for your Photo Booth. The most popular are:

1. Sequins

Sequin-encrusted backdrops are, by far, one of the favorite photo booth backdrops. Sequin backdrops work great for any type of party or formal event; they’re also ideal for dances and weddings. These backdrops shimmer like glitter and give a glamorous, sophisticated yet fun party vibe. Dazzle your photo booth clients with sequined backdrops in silver, gold, raspberry, teal, red, purple, pink and black.

2. Retro

Another fun and energizing photo booth backdrop choice is the retro collapsible backdrop. These patterned backdrops offer throwback and vintage looks that are perfect for creating a stylish and festive atmosphere. Their collapsible feature allows for extremely easy setup and teardown, and they’re excellent for use in smaller spaces.

3. Solid-Color Seamless Paper

Brightly-colored seamless paper is another popular and versatile backdrop choice for photo booths. You can choose your favorite bold colors or find one that’s perfect for each specific party theme. Solid color seamless paper backdrops can be easily paired with fun prop sets, hats and other accessories for a truly memorable photo booth experience. Browse Pinterest for lots of great photo booth inspiration and ideas.

4. Creative Patterned Backdrops

Patterned backdrops are another excellent photo booth option when you want a fun, creative party vibe. Patterned backdrop choices include damask, chevron, polka-dots, stripes, and much more. Whether the event is a birthday gathering, New Year’s party, wedding or luau, you’re sure to be able to find a patterned backdrop to complement any party theme.

5. Unlimited Options with a Green Screen

If you just can’t decide on a physical backdrop and/or you want to be able to offer your clients a multitude of options in the photo booth, a green screen option is the way to go. A chroma-key green screen backdrop will allow you to drop in virtually any scene or pattern under the sun to create the perfect look for your subjects. Digital backdrop images easily replace the green-toned backdrop behind the subject via computer, “magically” transporting your clients to another place, time or environment.


When creating a background or outrageous character for photo booth, it is advisable to set up your original file in either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator (up to CS3 software version) with art in different layers. This is because it will create different layered files from your finished artwork in order to tell the photo booth program exactly how to position your art with the photos your customers take when they step in the booth.

Another thing to consider is to set up your file in RGB color mode at 72dpi. The dimensions can vary, but should stick close to a width that is 70% of the length. Also remember that you want to give the customers most of that space to frame them in, so their faces will still be a decent size on the final printout. The settings 886 pixels x 620 pixels works well for a landscape image, while 650×925 works well for an image with portrait orientation.

Here are other fantastic ideas you can use as a backdrop

  • Hang records (without damaging them) for a retro, music-inspired photo booth.
  • Setup a balloon garland and come colorful fabric or paper.
  • Metallic Gold Streamers: Gold never gets old, especially on New Year’s Eve! A sure favorite for selfiers, this backdrop can be made by layering metallic gold streamers.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Garland. This handmade paper star garland is just the thing you need to brighten up the night. Plus, it’s subtle enough to repurpose as some room decor!

Make the most of your photo booth investment by using these backdrop and setup tips.

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