How to Print Picture-Perfect Images

How to Print Picture-Perfect Images

Pick the Right Paper Choosing the right paper can be tricky.The most important thing to bear in mind is that different printers and ink perform better with different paper. First,read the printer’s manual to learn about the manufacturer’s specifications. If printing on your own photo printer, start with paper made by your printer manufacturer. Then […]

Photo Booth Backgrounds

How to Take the Best Passport Photo Ever

Did you know that bad photos are the most common reason for rejecting applications? The most common problems are resolution and photo and head size. Also, many people say they are not 100% happy with their passport photos. The truth is your passport photo is one of the dreaded part of your passport application. But […]

5 Modern Party Etiquette Every Guest Should Know

Some think that the practice of good etiquette is only limited to formal parties. But those who do better think twice. Even in the most casual gatherings, every guest must show proper etiquette. Our modern lifestyle might influence how we at times act, and we may not be aware that we are breaking some modern […]

Event Planner Hacks Adelaide

Hacks That Event Planners Use To Make an Event a Success

When it comes to planning an event we usually hear the question, ’Why should I hire an event planner when I can do it myself?’ Others may reason that hiring an event planner might seem like an unnecessary expense. Well, we must agree that for an event like a family gathering where only small groups […]