4 Photo Booth Business Basics You Need to Know

4 Photo Booth Business Basics You Need to Know

Parties nowadays are never considered complete without photo booths. They have become popular and are the new trend in weddings, graduations, birthday parties, anniversaries, and even corporate events. Those with photo booth rental business surely enjoy this fun way of earning! Meantime, this is also a good opportunity for photography enthusiasts to venture in this […]

What Should Be Included When You Buy Software For Your Photo Booth Business?

What Should Be Included When You Buy Software For Your Photo Booth Business?

You may have the best booth, latest camera, fun and creative backgrounds with accessories, but everything will go to waste if you do not have software programs. You may think of cutting the cost and just do some DIY projects for your photo booth or planning to settle on those free downloadable software on the […]

Awesome Photo Booth Design You Will Surely Love

In today’s innovative world, we see a lot of new ideas and creativity. As photo booths become the latest trend and must-have in parties, no wonder that we see a variety of beautiful and fresh designs that enhance the picture-taking experience. True, photo booths are no exemption to innovation! Take a look at some ingenious […]


5 Tips for Buying a Portable Photo Booth

How portable is it? There are many form factors that today’s portable booths can take. Some are complete booths, some are a tower with a pipe and drape setup and others are open air, while some are equipment cases with electronics. Questions to ask: How portable is it? Can it easily go up and down stairs? […]

Photo Booth Backgrounds

5 Photo Booth Backgrounds to Level up Your Party

Don’t we just love photo booths? In parties nowadays, photo booths are a “must-have”. Guests might enjoy the food, the program, the association, and the keepsakes. But what would remind them about the mood of the party? Well, that highlights the crucial role that the photo booth background plays. How we set our background is […]


5 Things You Need to Know Why Open-Air Photo Booths are the Newest Trend

We just love photo booths! A lot of us have fond memories with our best friends freezing moments in time inside that black box. Nowadays, however, the term photo booth can give another picture in somebody’s mind. True, trends have evolved and this includes changing from enclosed to open-air photo booths. Some still prefer enclosed […]

Vintage Photo Booth

Vintage Photo Booth vs Retro Photo Booth vs Digital Photo Booth

In a world when newer is better to most people, a monumental comeback was slowly taking its shape. Many people are choosing older styles, vintage and classic items – from fashion, furniture, cars, utensils, watches, to name such a few. It’s just show that vintage things are not like technology and medicines in that newer […]

Buying Photo Booth

Don’t Buy a Photo Booth Without Reading This Article

Here’s a fact of life: We love to buy things. But buying poses a risk that is why people are afraid to do so. Fear is the strongest objection you will ever have to deal with. Behind such objection are the questions as: What will happen if I bought something and things go wrong? What […]

Christmas Photo Booth

Christmas Photo Booth Ideas

Most families are likely to host a holiday party so that all family members are able to come together and enjoy each other’s company at this special time of year. A great way to add to the holiday celebration is to include a way for everyone to take a photo of themselves with their family. […]