The Most Comprehensive Guide When Choosing Photo Booth Printer

The Most Comprehensive Guide When Choosing Photo Booth Printer

Photo booth will not be complete without a printer. But when it comes to choosing the best one, so many photo booth owners are wondering which printers they should choose. There are literally dozens of different kinds, shapes, and sizes out in the market and each one has its own advantages. There are really a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right one. So, if you are in the process of buying a photo booth printer, then you need to read this post.

Let’s start by giving you the list of well-known and best-selling brands in the market.


Now that we have narrowed down the list of the best of the best printers for photo booth, we can proceed to the next step.Printer Types.

Dye sub or Ink Jet?

  Dye Sub Ink Jet
How it works Uses heat to  transfer dye onto paper Liquid ink is applied to paper
Time to Print Under 10 seconds 30-90 seconds
Resolution Very Good (300 dpi) Very Good (300 dpi)
Advantages ·         Less maintenance

·         Waterproof

·         Scratch/Fade Resistant

·         Huge Paper Capacity

·         Can cut the prints

·         Very precise and sharp edges

·         Smooth with no dot patterns visible, even under magnification

·         Produce excellent shadow detail in dark areas where some inkjets may be “blotchy”

·         Print heads sometimes clog and require cleaning or even replacement

·         Less fade/scratch resistant

·         200+ sheets of paper

·         Cannot cut the prints

·         Most can print on many different surfaces designed to accept ink including CD’s, CD inserts, envelopes, etc.

·         Easier to obtain large format inkjets that can print 11×14, 13×20 sizes, or larger


Disadvantages ·         Consumer level models often smear high contrast edges (like a black square on a white background) to some degree, making charts, graphs, and line art look a bit less “precise”

·         Dust can sometimes get inside and cause vertical scratches on prints

·         Dye sub printing and the cost of paper and toner (ribbon) is often higher than inkjet printing

·         Most non-archival inkjets produce prints that fade a little (sometimes a lot) faster than dye sub prints


You can see that there are a ton of things to consider when looking for the best photo booth printer.It’s better to understand the functions of the printers and the benefits that they can provide you when you use them. This will give you more freedom to decide whichever type of printer you really prefer to use and which best answers your photo printing needs.

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