What Should Be Included When You Buy Software For Your Photo Booth Business?

What Should Be Included When You Buy Software For Your Photo Booth Business?

You may have the best booth, latest camera, fun and creative backgrounds with accessories, but everything will go to waste if you do not have software programs. You may think of cutting the cost and just do some DIY projects for your photo booth or planning to settle on those free downloadable software on the internet, but you might not be able to keep up with the fierce competition in the photo booth world or the worst is you will ruin thousands of dollars of equipment by using not too reliable software.

Because you want to be able to buy the best professional software you may not always want to pay the highest prices. Finding good software at a reasonable price may take some research it but it is well worth it in the end.

Good photo booth software must be:

  1. Provides you with multiple monitor support

This will enable you to include a touch screen inside the booth for the guest to choose their photograph, but you can also provide a screen outside the booth, enabling the other guests to join in on the fun.

  1. Webcam compatible

Very convenient if you want to provide video recording. This is exceptionally popular at weddings, enabling the guests to leave their own personalised messages for the happy couple to enjoy later on.

  1. Compatible with a SLR camera

Ensuring that you provide the highest quality images to your guests.

  1. Ability to provide your customers with a choice of photo options

Your guests may want picture individually printed, they may prefer a strip of photographs that many people associated with a photo booth or they may want four photographs in one photo.

  1. Green screens

You can provide the same service with your software for photo booths by enabling your customers to choose the background of their choice. This means their guests have their picture taken in front of a green screen, but when the picture is printed, it displays the background of their choice, whether it’s a picture or company name or logo.

  1. Offer you email and social media support

This will enable guests to upload their pictures and share their experiences with family and friends instantly, while still in the booth.

  1. Software support from manufacturer

One of the most important factors to take into consideration is to ensure you are provided with the highest level of service, ensuring it is working at its best at all times.

If you are now convinced of its importance, the next thing you need to know is which one to buy.

Below are the 3 most effective photo booth software programs for your photo booth business.


Sparkbooth makes it simple for anyone to set-up an instant photo booth experience. They released Sparkbooth and Sparkbooth DSLR 4.2. This is a free update to all Sparkbooth 4 and DSLR license holders.

Some of the many features include:

  • [Premium, DSLR] Green screen to dynamically replace backgrounds with your own images.
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add green screen background selection keyboard shortcut, button and screen
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add keyboard shortcut to toggle green screen feature
  • [DSLR] Add support for Canon T6s and T6i cameras
  • [DSLR] Shutter speed setting to handle dark live view
  • Add button maker layouts and screen overlay
  • Faster animated GIF generation
  • Other changes and improvements. Go to sparkbooth.com for details.

Breeze system is one of the best photo booth software in the market today.  You can download, organise, browse, process, create web galleries, control cameras and operate your booth from a computer.

They released DSLR Remote Pro for Windows v3.5.4 beta 1

Summary of changes in this beta release:

  • Improved green screen setup in photo booth mode
  • Added photobooth shortcut buttons for loading and saving the default profile. The “print layout” shortcut now asks whether to save the settings to the default profile, if defined, after editing the print layout
  • Added the option to automatically load the default profile when DSLR Remote Pro is run and the ability to specify a profile file to load in the command line
  • Added the ability to share animated GIFs by email, text, Facebook and Twitter. Animated GIFs shared on Facebook are hosted on giphy.com
  • Animated GIFs captured in video mode can now be placed within a frame
  • Animated GIFs can be created using indexed colour (to give more detail) or dithered color (to give better colors)
  • MP4 copies of animated GIFs can be created using a separate script and the MP4 files can be shared via Facebook
  • Added {uid2} token which generates a unique id in the form ABCDE123 and is guaranteed not to repeat for 776 days
  • Added the option to crop the print preview display in photobooth mode
  • Added simulated camera option to allow testing photo booth mode without a camera
  • Fixed a problem with timeouts when uploading to Facebook or Twitter
  • Other changes and improvements. Go to breezesys.com for details.

              Darkroom is professional software that will take your photo booth business to the next level. There are different Darkroom plans that you can choose from. These are Darkroom Booth, Darkroom Core, Darkroom Pro, and Darkroom Assembly. Each of these plans will meet your specific needs and budget.

They just released Booth 2.5, it includes:

  • Slow Motion Video

Capture video for slow motion with a GoPro for high frame rates or keep it simple with a Canon DSLR. Videos can be sent via email for clients to view and share. Or use Booth to save videos and deliver to customers after the event. You can even add video to your slideshow.

  • Booth Control

Control and monitor your photo booth from any device with an internet browser including iPhone, Android, tablet, computer, even a $50 Kindle Fire. Monitor and manage photos, printer stats, lock the photo booth, run lights and sounds, update a slideshow, and more. You can even create your own custom functions.

  • Booth Share

The new social kiosk mode lets your customers view and share their photos by email or text. You can also display a slideshow when not in use or at your command. Booth Share works with any internet browser so you can use a sexy iPad or inexpensive Android tablet.

  • Booth Stats

With Booth Stats you can receive automatic emails or texts from your photo booth with statistics and reports. Whether you are in the next room or sitting on the beach, you can now keep tabs on your photo booth operations by checking your inbox or phone.

Finally, you want to choose a photo booth software solution that will help you promote your own business and grow. The best way to achieve this is to provide outstanding service to your clients, cater to all their unique requirements and ensure your software runs smoothly at all times, so all their guests can have fun and enjoy their photographic experiences.

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