Christmas Photo Booth Ideas

Christmas Photo Booth

Most families are likely to host a holiday party so that all family members are able to come together and enjoy each other’s company at this special time of year. A great way to add to the holiday celebration is to include a way for everyone to take a photo of themselves with their family. These photos are special and can be quite the keepsake; reminding everyone of just how much fun they had attending the home holiday party. Here are some ideas you can start with.

Christmas Background

Winter Wonderland: Tape up a large rectangle of snowflake wrapping paper, and then hang up paper and plastic snowflakes to create a Winter Wonderland backdrop. After all, there’s no such thing as too many fake snowflakes.

Christmas Bow Backdrop: If you’ve got a heaping pile of bows lying around, use them to make this incredibly easy DIY backdrop. You can get a bag of stick-on gift bows in 20+ in just $1 at the dollar store. Ready for the simplest DIY ever? Peel off the back of your bow; stick it firmly onto the poster board starting in the top left corner. Continue to do this in lines until the entire poster board is covered. It’s very important that you firmly press them onto the board or you’ll have a few stragglers fall off.

Snowy Scene: You can make a snowy backdrop with a blanket, a rug and tissue paper. Hang a plain blanket using a PVC stand out; you can also lay a blanket on the floor. Then, just crumpled the tissue paper into balls and hung them from the ceiling with fishing lines to look like clouds. Then, cut a few sheets into tiny squares to look like snow. After you got all setup, you just need a camera with a tripod and a timer/remote shutter.

Christmas App and Software

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m sure you’ll be invited or planning for some parties, and if you’re going to a party with young kids or those with the young at heart, then there are plenty of software that can help you entertain everyone. It helps to turn your family & friends photos into Santa & share them with the world in just a few taps. Also, how would you look with Santa’s beard? How about your friends with Santa’s hat and his reindeer? There are also themed templates that you can easily customize and use for your holiday photo booth events. These templates are available as a free download and include sounds and a matching 2×6 print layout.

Christmas props and accessories

There are tons of free printable props available to download that you can choose from. You can choose from Christmas Photo Booth Elf, Christmas Photo Booth HoHoHo, Christmas Photo Booth Presents, Christmas Photo Booth Rudolf, Christmas Photo Booth Santa, and Christmas Photo Booth Snowman.

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