How to Take the Best Passport Photo Ever

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Did you know that bad photos are the most common reason for rejecting applications? The most common problems are resolution and photo and head size. Also, many people say they are not 100% happy with their passport photos. The truth is your passport photo is one of the dreaded part of your passport application. But hey, here’s the solution.


  1. Review your country’s regulations and guidelines about proper passport photos. For example in Australia, you can see in the picture below the proper passport and photo size.
    • The photograph should be at least 45mm high x 35 mm wide (Tips: do not trim photos if bigger)
    • The size of the head, from chin to crown, must be between 32 mm and 36 mm. Neutral expression, no smiling, mouth closed (not laughing or frowning)
    • The photographs must be identical and taken within the last six months. 
    • The photographs must be clear, well defined and taken against a plain white or light-coloured background.
    • High resolution, good quality paper with semi-gloss surface.
  2. Things you need to remember if you want to do it at home:
    • A digital camera with a timer (Tip: Turn off the flash, use natural light)
    • Tripod
    • Good source of natural light
    • Photo paper and a printer ready
    • Use a light-coloured wall
    • Take at least 10 photos , then select only 1
    • Don’t smile and avoid blinking (Tip: It doesn’t mean you frown. Think of something happy)
    • No hats or head coverings, unless you wear it daily for religious purposes. Your full face must be visible and your head covering cannot cast shadows on your face.
    • Eye glasses may be worn, but there must not be any glare.

TIP:  Check your photos under a magnifying glass to see if they are high resolution.  If you see pixels, striped lines, graininess or blurriness, then they are not acceptable.

Please note: Do not digitally enhance or alter the photo to change your appearance (however, you must remove red eye).

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