Why Use Instagram Photo Booth?

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Imagine your guests having a camera and all the photos they snap were instantly printed out with personalised message. In addition, all the photos making its way in social media. Well, let us stop imagining! Here comes Instagram Photo Booth.

How it work?

Photo Booth

Take a Photo with your phone using
Instagram and add a custom #hashtag

Photo Booth

Then the system will download all hashtag pictures with a custom-designed, branded photo template as well as uploaded Instagram for the world to see.

Photo Booth

Pick up your personalised prints within seconds



Why Use Instagram Photo Booth?

  • Personalise

Your guest can use Instagram to filter and edit photo before they share it to Instagram. This can assure that the instant photo print out downloaded from their Instagram account is the one they like the most.                

  • Convenient

Instagram Photo Booth is specially designed to be small in size, so it would only occupy very little space.

  • Flexible

Your guest can take pictures with their phone wherever and whenever they want. Not only capture the entire event, but also reduce the queuing times to take photos.

  • Everyone can participate

All of your guests can participate by taking pictures with their smartphones, tablets and upload them in Instagram with the special event #hashtag.

If you’re interested in lifting the exposure of your next event. Please feel free to contact us. We would love to show you through the benefits of using our Instagram Booth.

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