Vintage Photo Booth vs Retro Photo Booth vs Digital Photo Booth

Vintage Photo Booth

In a world when newer is better to most people, a monumental comeback was slowly taking its shape. Many people are choosing older styles, vintage and classic items – from fashion, furniture, cars, utensils, watches, to name such a few. It’s just show that vintage things are not like technology and medicines in that newer isn’t necessarily more desirable.

In recent years, many people want to own a vintage photo booth as collectable items, for business or just to satisfy the love for vintage things. But here’s a word of caution: there are many in the market especially those that buy vintage photo booth are not really getting what they pay for. They may think that retro photo booths are the same with vintage ones. No, they are not the same! Here’s why.

  Vintage Photo Booth Retro Photo Booth Digital Photo Booth
Type Uses 40 mm Film Digital Machine Digital Machine
How Photos are Produced Uses film and liquid developing Involves computers and printers Uses film and liquid developing
Production Speed 30 seconds up to three minutes Under a minute Under a minute
Photo Shelf Life Over 100 years Difficult to determine Difficult to determine
Size/Style/Texture 1.5″ x 8″, strip includes 4 photos, matte finish 2″ x 6″, also a strip of 4 photos (a logo can be added), glossy finish 2″ x 6″, also a strip of 4 photos (a logo can be added), glossy finish
Copies Not possible to produce copies Produces 2 duplicate strips per sitting Produces 2 duplicate strips per sitting
Color Options Color, Black and White (need to determine before the shots) Color, Black and White (Flexible) Color, Black and White (Flexible)


vintageTip 1: While vintage and retro booths often look the same on the outside, there is a difference in how they work. Many retro photo booths use vintage photo booth exteriors; they have restored exteriors, curtains, and in some cases, the modern equipment inside is disguised to look vintage.

Tip 2: Vintage photo booths tend to be heavy because of the mechanisms inside; one model weighs 800 pounds.

Tip 3: Look for a classic wood exterior and a spinning chair when buying a vintage photo booth.

Tip 4: Vintage photo booths are collector’s items; some models are so rare that they are either very expensive or are simply not available for purchase. So rare that majority are usually copies.

The information above gives details of the differences and similarities between vintage, retro and digital photo booths. While both types of photo booths are sure to supply a good time at the events, the information can help you decide if a digital or vintage photo booth would better fit your event.

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